Is Working Overseas Right for You?

You owe it to yourself and your family to be able to answer this question. There is big debate whether working abroad is beneficial for all. To travel or spend time overseas, I absolutely agree there is something to gain by all. However, to work overseas is a different story.

Working overseas is not for everyone and before you make the decision, you need to spend time considering the real purpose of your work abroad. Is it because you just got out of a relationship? This probably isn’t the best move for you then.


Adaptability is the No.1 skill necessary to work for any market overseas. If you go into any country, much less Asia, applying your norms as a Westerner, you will fail and fail fast. Conveying ethnocentric thoughts and actions onto a local operation will find out wound up in distrust, bitterness and embarrassment.

How Do You Handle Change?

Think about how you deal with change. The one thing shared by people who are successful overseas is that they all enjoy change. Does it inspire or discourage you?

What Instigates Your Curiosity?

Those who like change allow it to drive curiosity. Consider what the last thing was that you were curious about.
What Was The Last Thing That Made You Upset?

There’s no room for lack of understanding. Change and Curiosity combined with Patience: this makes you an ideal candidate for working overseas.

What are the other skills necessary?

* Sensitivity (to other cultures)
* Cooperativeness
* Adventurous
* Interpersonal communications
* Language