One of my favorite parts about the flying experience is takeoff. Every flight I take, I get a rush of adrenaline as the nose of the plane catches air, wheels lift, and the pressure of momentum and velocity launch a new journey.

Imagine the last time you felt air under you. Picture the moment and the feelings that resonated with your blood pressure.

What was your takeoff like?

Was it a homecoming queen campaign? Or Was it an application to a school you could never believe getting accepted to?

I was the first white homecoming queen at my high school in over a decade, yet was rejected after my interview from my top school choice, Georgetown University. Both takeoffs were worth their ride.

The challenge of a takeoff is not dealing with the momentum, but making the decision to board the plane in the first place.

Airline stewardesses are not going to push you on board, and travel agents are not going to book the ticket without your consent, as much as they’d like to. We all have stewardesses and agents in our life that influence our boarding and takeoff. However, they can only influence. They cannot and should not force. It’s not only unproductive but it’s not their responsibility.

Some people hate takeoffs. It makes them nervous and uncomfortable Resulting in lack of progress of ideas, dreams and experience. Inevitably, time goes by and they get older and probably faster while others embrace the takeoffs and grow from them.

The question remains what is your takeoff like? Can you describe what, where, when, and most importantly, why it took place?

Each takeoff holds a different purpose, yet they all still connect the dots of the same journey. Embrace the momentum and velocity of the takeoff and you will be continuously surprised with the nascent addiction to their qualities.