3 Ways to Minimize Distractions in the Morning

“Time is non-refundable, use it with intention.” Here are three ways I adapted my habits to be more productive in the morning.

Download the Momentum Chrome Extension

This is a browser extension that replaces your home page from google.com to a different beautiful photo from around the world every day. There is a prompt that asks you one question: “What is your main focus today?” When you answer the question, it automatically becomes an action item and stays on your computer all day until midnight. Along with this, it has an inspirational quote under the question.

The truth is, if my browser opens up to Google every day, I’m inevitably bound to search for tonight’s dinner recipe or some other reactionary thing on my mind. Momentum has been instrumental in minimizing distractions for me in the morning and throughout the day.

Adopt a morning ritual

Seems like everyone has a morning routine these days; Entrepreneurs are getting asked about it left and right. The purpose of the morning routine is to get in the right mindset to perform as the best version of yourself each day. Most of us face a day that’s already packed with work, meetings, and lunch plans. The best time to do the most important things are in the morning when you’re still calm and have a level of inner peace that you’d like to maintain.

Start by developing the habit of waking up 15 minutes earlier each morning to do whatever YOU do that helps you have a good day. This could be 5 minutes of stretching, watching the sun rise, or reading.

Turn your phone on airplane mode + switch your wifi off

As you’ve probably learned from the interwebs already, mornings are best used on creative projects as your mind is the most alert, refreshed, and focused. Makes sense right? One of the ways to make sure you actually start working on those creative projects rather than viewing what other creative people are doing on the Gram is to turn your phone on airplane mode and switch your wifi OFF!

Don’t fret! The world will not explode. Try it for one week… it’s just five days. See how you adapt. Are you able to do—let’s say, two hours of work—without turning your phone back on? Whether you’re able to do this for all five days, or just three (or maybe just one), this little experiment will tell you a lot about how you manage distractions during the peak period of your mind’s creation.

These are three fast and easy WINS to minimize distractions that you can start right now! Now go try them!

Feedback is very important to me, and I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and insight. Did these work for you? If you have a morning routine, what works best for you individually?

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