I’m Hilary.

I help CEOs master PROCESS so they can scale.

Are you at max capacity? Frustrated?
Do you want to grow your business but don’t know how?

I get it.

If one more person tells you to optimize and design for efficiency you might blow a fuse. The truth is most organizations don’t need Six Sigma.

Most approaches for process are designed for large scale manufacturing and don’t meet the needs of your service based business.

I’m here to help. I believe that process can be simple, fun and get you to the next level of growth. That is why I developed a process methodology named The Human Way™ to help companies finally do process right.

Strategic Facilitation

Accountable Leadership

Beautiful Processes

"You don’t have to choose between people
and profits, the key is process.”

- Hilary

Here’s How I Do It?

Companies often try to solve processes without people. It’s not possible. All process has humans in it.

That’s why I created a methodology, based on the principles of Kaizen and my extensive experience with Toyota, that uses your biggest asset, people, to not just follow but build beautiful processes.

I work with CEOs to transform their processes so they can create capacity to scale.


Walk your team through The Human Way™ at your own pace


Identify a leader on your team to get certified in The Human Way™


Engage Hilary directly to facilitate The Human Way™ with your senior leaders

You deserve a business that has proud employees, happy customers and gives you peace of mind.


A Path to Scaling

Hilary helped us build out our entire Customer Experience. It was invaluable. After we got done with the Post-Sales Experience, we said, ‘Hilary, we want to hire you now to design our Pre-Sales Experience!’ It has been fantastic. She will be someone that’s a part of our team forever.

-JIM MANLEY, CEO of Manley Creative

Market Leadership

We were known for our strong core processes but with significant growth we outgrew them. Hilary helped us find our way back to strong processes that drive revenue for our customers. We are no longer reacting to change, we’re leading change.

– JIM TASZAREK, CEO of Market Enginuity

Peace of Mind

Our business grew very quickly in the past few years, and some of our processes did not keep up. Hilary helped us narrow in on a path for sustainable improvement involving our team in a way that led to improvement in process and an even better experience for our employees and customers. I have confidence in our ability to scale and fulfill our brand promise for more customers.

– HARRY CLARK, CEO of The Podcast Group