Rebranding Isn’t As Easy As You Think…

We are human.

We are layered.

We are textured.

We are inspired.

Trends in business around humanizing sales in marketing have been on the rise, but were expedited when Covid hit. 

This is when I became the most inspired to rebrand fully around this message to help leaders and companies find their way of helping others and cultivating trust with their stakeholders.

Over the last three months, I’ve been undergoing a full rebrand, and now I would like to use today’s post to share 3 things I learned. 

Restarting my social media presence was the first step. To be completely transparent, I was terrified of reintroducing my social accounts. Before it was seen as a “self-care practice,” I took a social media break for quite a long time to clear my head and focus on my business. 

Here are a three key concepts I kept at the forefront of my mind while rebranding my business:

  1. Consistency

Back in March 2020, I started thinking more about how businesses were transitioning to have more of an online presence as stay-at-home orders and quarantines were in place. I said to myself, “the future is for people who expand their reach online,” and because the world was evolving, I thought I should too.

So, I dared myself to do what I hadn’t done in years: post on social media.

I worked with my team to study strategy and algorithms for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. From there, we engaged an expert in Brand Story and chose templates and colors to be consistent with the design of my website and started posting almost every day.

A few months into this process, after we got the consistency down, we moved to a different template. I thought it was the right time to start rebranding, but decided to move better, not faster, and take some more time to be intentional about what I wanted from a complete rebranding.

Now, as February approaches, you will be introduced to a new color palette, new templates and a newly designed website, all curated with my best intentions for the audience we serve.

  1. Authenticity

The Human Way is all about being authentic, empathetic, kind and understanding, and I wanted to make sure my social media reflected all of the things I believe in.

I combined professional and casual language in my posts and blogs to reflect myself as a human-centric business leader.

How many people have you met who talk to you using corporate jargon 24/7? My mom got angry with me last week as I asked her, “What’s your availability?” Despite my best efforts, I can still fall short.

A new way that I invite people to connect with me authentically is through my UNprofessional podcast, where the UNprofessional community (guests on the show) talk about what it’s like to break out of the box, say goodbye to business as usual and usher in a new era—one that’s more human.

My messaging online is meant to be an extension of who I am as a human, not to present “the best version of me.” Being human means bringing all parts of yourself and your story to the table so you can present your whole self in all aspects of your life. 

Giving people a look into my beliefs and passion for human leadership is how I aim to present my most authentic and whole self. 

  1. Purpose

I have so many big ideas and inspiration for my work that when someone asked me “what’s the purpose of your business?” I needed to create a passion statement for my business.

I’m on a mission to make life and work more human, and I’m building a community of like-minded meaning makers to do just that.

This statement is effective for a few reasons because it:

  • Clearly states what I want to achieve
  • Is broad enough to drive interest
  • Shows that I’m not in this alone because I hope to build a community

We are at our best when we are being our whole, true selves. At the core of all processes, companies and operations, you will find humans, and that is why I am on a mission to humanize business from the inside out.

Identifying my purpose in a few sentences was essential to my rebranding because it serves as the jumping-off point for starting conversations and engaging with others.

What can you gain from rebranding?

While this process did take quite some time, all the effort that’s been dedicated to this rebranding has definitely been worth it.

The peace of mind I’ve gained from having a brand that is consistent across my social media platforms, blogs and website is a huge step forward on my journey to building more of my business online.

What do your favorite brands’ social media feeds look like? What do you like about them?

I’m so excited to have my social media and my website presented in a seamless, consistent design with what I consider a “human” aesthetic.

To join our UNprofessional community, be our friend on IG at WeareUNprofessional or on Twitter at u_nprofessional. Download the podcast on Spotify or Apple podcasts!

In love and respect,

Hilary Corna


Hilary Corna

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