7 Meaningful Holiday Gift Ideas

Think about one gift you’ve received at some point in your life. Now, with that gift in mind, ask yourself what made you remember that specific gift. Was it something tangible? An experience? Something else?

It could be anything. The fact is, you remembered that particular gift for a reason, and it stuck with you. 

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should tell your recipient that you were thoughtful about choosing something you think would be meaningful to them. 

According to licensed psychologist Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D., the gifts you give matter and can affect personal relationships. This past year, relationships at work and home have looked much different than they have in the past. With Zoom calls being the closest we can get to family members and close friends, sending gifts is another way to feel close to the loved ones you haven’t seen in awhile.

Here is a list of thoughtful holiday gift ideas that really show you care:

Homesick Scented Candles

Do you know someone who is unable to make it home for the holidays? 

Science has proven that smells have a stronger link to emotion and memory than any of the other senses. Whether someone is missing their home state or thinking of another place that feels like home, these hand-poured soy candles will definitely remind your loved ones of their favorite places and memories.

With scents like “Grandma’s Kitchen,” “Holiday Stroll” and “Thanks,” you’re bound to find the ideal candle for everyone on your list. Some candles even have the option to include a personalized message, too. 

Custom Map of A Meaningful Night

A marriage proposal. The birth of a child. Whatever it may be, keep a memory or a moment alive in a unique and beautiful way by creating a custom map of that special night. 

Create your own map of the night sky and personalize it with a place and time signature. This custom map will be printed on museum grade art matte paper and printed using archival inks, which makes it a perfect piece of art to add to any room.

My Photo GlassPad

A simple reminder of the good times can make a difference in someone’s day at work. Make your colleagues smile with these sleek glass mousepads you can customize to feature a photo that is special to them. 

Custom Puzzles

Choose any photo, message or quote that is special to your loved one and turn it into a puzzle. This gift is not only personal, but it also can bring the family together with a fun and stress-relieving activity. 

Handwriting Bracelet

Adding a handwritten personal message to a gift is already sweet, but you can make it even more special by having your handwritten message turned into a silver, gold or rose gold bracelet. 

The New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Want to know what was included in “All the News That’s Fit to Print” on your birthday, anniversary or another special occasion? Choose any significant date going all the way back to 1851 and turn it into a 500-piece puzzle. 

Family Recipe Board

Preserve special family recipes on a sturdy and beautiful cherry wood cutting board. You even have the option to have your loved one’s or your own handwriting etched on the board. This gift is perfect for a foodie friend or your favorite chef in the family.

Hardcover Photo Book

In this digital age, people take photos almost every day, but printing them rarely happens. Do a friend or loved one a favor by having their favorite memories printed in a sleek custom photo book. A tangible reminder of memories are always heartwarming, especially during the holidays.  

When you’re buying gifts this year, keep in mind…

Whether it’s one of the items above or something else personal and inventive, you’re bound to think of something personal that your peers, employees, friends and family will cherish for years to come. Just think about the gift you thought of when you started reading this blog—you can give a gift that evokes the same emotions in your loved ones, too, and that’s the most meaningful part. 

In love and respect,

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