How to Find Peace in the New Year

You don’t need to look far to see messages of self-love and self-care these days. Even Christmas has been rebranded to fit the needs of the individual. Yet we still see people struggle to find peace in the small moments day to day.

We don’t need more holidays expressing and supporting more self-love. We need daily practice, awareness and ownership. We have opportunities every day to be kind to ourselves and enjoy a moment to soak in the goodness of life. Stop stealing these moments from yourself and enjoy the peace that comes from it.

None of us need to be told how hard this year was

This only leads to an argument of who suffered more, which brings down all the people involved. Instead of competing with others to see who had the best or worst year, we should move forward together.

From divisive issues like social justice, racial inequality and the presidential election, these things added on to the pressures of the pandemic. Were you posting enough? Were you sharing the right things? How do you know if you did enough?

Be kind to yourself 

Be kind to yourself and remember that you are allowed to rest and practice self-care. Take a deep breath, get moving or meditate. Whatever works for you, do it. Make time for it. Prioritize yourself; after all, it is your life.

Too many times we put the needs of others before ourselves. While it is a generous act, it shouldn’t always be at the cost of our own wellbeing and peace of mind.

Relinquish control 

Relinquish control and accept that the unexpected can happen. I used to have trouble not being in control of everything, and I still deal with it sometimes now. One way I practice relinquishing control is when I get my nails done.

Getting a manicure is a ritual for many—a little luxury amidst our busy and hectic lives. I ask the Nail Tech to choose my color for me each time I go because I want to hand the reins over to someone else for a change. 

That’s the beauty in my nails always being a different, bold and fun color: I never would have chosen some of the colors if I didn’t tell myself to let go.

Enjoy the quiet

We’ve coined the term “awkward silence” about feeling strange when moments are quiet, but I don’t think all silence needs to be awkward. Use moments of silence as time to reflect and feel at peace.

Our lives are filled with noise of all sorts, and it’s rare we find moments of silence throughout the day.

I challenge you to embrace the peace you find in the small moments this year and beyond. 

Work on yourself for yourself, and watch your life change drastically. By finding peace in the day to day, you’ll be able to practice gratitude, clear your mind and become more comfortable with your true self.  

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year. 

In love and respect, 

Hilary Corna



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