Part 2: Developing Countermeasures in Process Improvement

how to develop solutions in process improvement

In last week’s blog, I shared with you how setting a 30-day lead time can help in successfully developing countermeasures. This time, I will discuss why we aim for an 80 percent completion rate in our 30 days of countermeasure development. If you’re in the process worksheet (download it for free here), you’ll see your countermeasures […]

You asked, we listened: Unveiling Our New Process Improvement Learning Center!

process improvement learning center

Are you tired of clunky, inefficient processes slowing down your organization? Do you dream of a streamlined workflow that boosts productivity and helps your people succeed in their respective roles? Then welcome to the future—your future! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Process Improvement Learning Center, a one-stop shop for everything […]

How to Get Your Employees on Board with Process Improvement

How to Get Your Employees on Board with Process Improvement

Employee involvement is key to successful process improvement. If you want your employees to work together to achieve company goals and see the bigger picture, they must first understand their role in the company’s success.  When employees are involved, they feel valued and empowered, which leads to increased productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction. Here are […]

How to Identify Countermeasures Part 3: The Third Component—Person In Charge

how to identify countermeasure in process improvement: person in charge

In last week’s blog, I shared with you the first two of the three components of a great countermeasure: the key operational change and supporting tools. Today I’m going to discuss the final component—the person in charge. The Third Component of a Countermeasure: Person in charge Naming the individual responsible for driving change If more […]

Part 2: How to Identify Countermeasures: The Key Operational Change And Supporting Tools

key operational change and supporting tools in process improvement

In the previous blog, I discussed what countermeasures are and why they are important. This week, we’ll dive into the first two components of countermeasures: key operational change and supporting tools. The First Component of a Countermeasure: “Key Operational Change” A key operational change is a change in the Goods and Information Flow to either […]

Part 1: How to Identify Countermeasures: Defining Countermeasures and How They Work

identifying countermeasures in process improvement

Process can and should be strengthened by all organizations at all stages of growth. With process, you need different solutions and face different challenges. The process to get you from one stage to the next is the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle and continuous improvement through process releases, like what is done in software development.  In our […]

How to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Your Organization

how to build a culture of continuous improvement

In 2022, Toyota sold 10.5 million vehicles, securing its position as the top-selling carmaker globally for three consecutive years. Apart from its impressive sales figures, companies worldwide admire this automaker for its philosophy of continuous improvement and process-based culture. Toyota has established itself as a leader in the industry by changing even when things seem […]

6 Ways to Involve Customers In Process Improvement Initiatives

Ways To Involve Customers In Process Improvement Initiatives

During my time at Toyota, we always said that process improvement starts with how we improve the lives of the people going through the process: both customers and employees. As a result, the business benefits. These people can also provide you with the right solutions on how to improve your processes.  In this blog, I’ll […]

Transforming Service-Based Businesses through PDCA Process: Part 3

pdca process for service-based business

Welcome back to the third and last part of our series on business transformation using the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) process. In this part, we’ll continue our journey through the final stages of the PDCA cycle and explore how this process can revolutionize service-based businesses. Check Stage – Sustaining the Process and Monitoring Results After training and […]