How to Launch LinkedIn Publishing

Publishing your work online might seem daunting at first, but it becomes much easier when there are some guidelines to follow, and LinkedIn Publishing is no different. Here are some tips I find helpful when I write content to publish on LinkedIn.

Identify a topic that is relevant to you

Once you select this topic, think about how you will write about it in a way that appeals to a broader audience. How did it capture your attention in the first place? Think about what made you interested and how you can convey that to others.

Draft at least five points you want to make/discuss about your topic

People LOVE lists. They’re concise and can be read in a short period of time. Choosing these points before you start writing can help structure your article, too, which is important when considering the overall flow and tone of your piece.

Free write

Nobody’s first draft of writing is going to be perfect, and freewriting is a useful strategy to get initial ideas on paper. After you free write about each topic, reread your work and determine what the biggest takeaway is from that passage.


In the age of autocorrect and predictive type, errors are common in all types of writing. To ensure that your article will come across as thoughtful and carefully crafted, you (and perhaps another person) should proofread your work. This will also allow you to evaluate how intentional you are with your language and subject matter. Since articles on LinkedIn are usually on the shorter side from around 300-500 words,

Choose a dynamic image

Every article needs to be accompanied by a photo. This photo doesn’t necessarily need to be the exact image of something you’re writing about, but it should speak to the overall message you’re trying to get across to your audience. Another idea to keep in mind when selecting a photo is that if you have a list of items, you can pick one of those items and have the photo allude to that as well. I use a free photo website like Unsplash that has tons of high-quality photos to choose from.

Determine a consistent day and time to upload your articles

While your first post might not attract a lot of attention initially, the more you post, the more your writing will get noticed. As you start to produce more content and share it with the world, your connections will react to, comment on, and share your post with their networks as well. So, when you post at a consistent day and time⁠⁠—every Wednesday at 4 p.m., for example⁠—your audience starts to anticipate and expect your writing to come every week at that time.

Cultivate the courage to post it!

 Uploading your first article can be scary, but it’s definitely going to be worth it. You’re putting yourself and your opinions out there through your writing, and that’s more exciting than anything. And when you’ve done it once, you’ll be rid of any nervous feelings you had about doing it the first time!

Feedback is very important to me, and I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and insight. What does your blogging process look like? What are you blogging about? Please connect with me on my social accounts @HilaryCorna and follow me on LinkedIn (even if we’re already connected). Thank you!



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