6 Ways Successful People Make the Most of the Weekend

The life of successful people never stops. As soon as they tackle one thing, they are typically on to the next. One way to avoid burnout is by making the most of the weekend. Rather than using the time to “get caught up” or “work when others aren’t working,” using the time wisely for other purposes other than getting ahead is key. Here are some ways successful people make the most of the weekend.

1) Draw lines between friends and colleagues

In a world where the term “connection” now defines mission statements of companies, it’s easy to hang out with colleagues as friends and with friends as colleagues. To avoid getting caught up on work tangents or career analysis, draw lines between true close friends whose relationships with you matter and with colleagues who may or may not help you get ahead.

You want to focus your time on relationships that you wish to cultivate as pure friendships. These are the ones where you shouldn’t need to be “on” all the time or on your best behavior. Where you can be you, free of judgment from others that you would potentially do business with.

2) Play in nature

In Japan, there is a concept that translated to “Tree Bathing” which means that you bathe your soul by walking through the forest. As the human species, nature didn’t design us to touch metal and watch our screen time. Nature designed us as a species just like plants and animals are species. Leave your phone at home, go outside, touch leaves, smell flowers, and hug trees. It is biologically healthy for us.

3) Rest and Lounge

Resting doesn’t mean watching a new TV series or arranging a brunch with friends. True rest equates to planning nothing and not exerting energy (known as yang) but receiving energy (known as yin). Quite literally, rest is often doing nothing at all. Go lay in a hammock or chill on a couch with no agenda for as long as you can without checking your phone. Sit on your balcony and contemplate the view. Do nothing.

4) Laugh out loud, don’t just post the emoji

What makes you literally laugh out loud? An improv show, hanging with your gals, or turtle races? Whatever it is, go do that. Note: this does not include scrolling the gram for funny videos. You’re still out of your body when you do that. In reality, when you laugh at something, your whole body feels it and it becomes a part of your senses. This is the feeling you want to create when you’re laughing out loud.

5) Meal Prep … easy meals

Successful people know that the food you put in your body is crucial to your brain health, energy levels and performance. One of the ways to ensure you eat the right foods that nourish your body, sustain energy through the week, keep within budget, and minimize alcohol and poor meal choices is by doing meal prep.

I do mine on Sundays at 4PM every week, and it usually takes three hours. Set a day and time that works for you and make it fun! I usually play the music I want to listen to (since when you live with someone this isn’t always the case), and I open the windows and dance! You will be so happy with how it makes your life easier throughout the week.

6) Plan your upcoming week

Every Sunday around 7PM I plan my upcoming week for about 30 minutes. I look at the nights I have events and make sure they’re within my benchmark. I plan what days and times I will workout. I rearrange whatever meetings I need to so I can find balance in my week. This helps prevent burnout, balance your schedule, and create accountability with yourself. It also encourages you to get into a positive mindset for the week instead of being discouraged by the tasks to come.

Use your weekends wisely by integrating these parts of our life that allow for rest, creativity, and rejuvenation. In the world of “the hustle” we must realize that it’s unsustainable if not given time in between for renewal.

Feedback is very important to me, and I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and insight. What do you enjoy doing on weekends to reset? What works best for you? Please connect with me on my social accounts @HilaryCorna and follow me on LinkedIn (even if we’re already connected). Thank you!

In love and respect,

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