Three Simple Questions to Check In with Your People

Do you find yourself asking the same questions every time you log in to another Zoom meeting? It’s easy to fall into a routine, whether you’re in the office or working from home and talking to your coworkers through a screen. 

Depending on the setting—one-on-one, small group, large group, etc.—you can consider adjusting these questions to fit your audience.

At this point, the majority of us know how Zoom makes the speaker stand out by highlighting their box on the screen. Some people might not want to stand out as much when the group is asked a question, so you could ask your team members to submit their answers individually.

Whatever the situation, engaging with your people is one of the most important components of keeping your business relevant, functional and, most of all, human.

With that said, here are three simple questions that will engage you and your people alike.

How can I support you?

By showing your people that you want to support them at work, they’ll feel more enabled to do their jobs to the fullest. Feeling appreciated is an important aspect of an employee’s morale.

This question also sparks dialogue among you and your people. For example, if you were to instead ask “Can I do anything to help you?” an employee can easily answer Yes or No. On the other hand, a “how” question lends itself to an open-ended answer that goes beyond a simple yes or no.

What are you most looking forward to today?

This question will give you a sense of what each employee has going on workwise for the day. It’s also a great way to dig in and find out how they’re handling their workload.

In addition to learning more about what each person is up to during the day, you can gain a better understanding of what projects are being worked on and if their prioritization is what you were hoping for.

For instance, if you’re aware that a certain due date is coming up for a big project and you ask one of your employees about the progress they’re making and they don’t speak on it much, give them a quick reminder of the due date and suggest that they prioritize that project over others.

This way, you will be interacting with your employees first-hand and creating more interaction while assessing their tasks simultaneously.

How are you feeling today and why?

 Why would you want to ask this type of question? 

Think about every time you’ve asked someone “how are you doing?” and they replied by saying “good, how are you?”. This short and impersonal back-and-forth does not add much value to your life or the other person’s. 

However, taking the question one step further and asking “why” adds another dimension to the exchange you’ll have with your employees.

Final Thoughts 

Depending on the size of your team, you might not be able to ask everyone all three questions each day. But, when you do interact with your people, keep these questions in mind as simple, thoughtful conversation starters that incorporate a human element into the workplace.

If you’re in the office or if you’re working from home, keep in mind that all experiences are human experiences (including the digital ones). Stay in-tune to how your people are feeling by checking in and using these questions as a base.

In Love and Respect,

Hilary Corna

Founder and CEO, Corna Partners



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