4 Reasons Businesses Should Encourage Employees to Become Thought Leaders

In this digital era, customers are smarter in their decisions. The internet gives people more access to information. They read blogs, watch online video reviews and check out social media posts before deciding to contact a business or purchase products/services. This is why businesses should find ways to reach out to potential customers as early as possible. 

One of the most effective ways to get to your potential customers in the digital age is through thought leaders. An average smartphone user spends more than 2 hours a day browsing social media. Having thought leaders who create relevant and exciting content allows you to jut into your potential customers’ screen time so they become aware of your brand early on. You don’t have to tap anyone outside your company: You can empower your employees to become thought leaders in your industry.

Here are 4 reasons why businesses should empower their employees to become thought leaders:

1. Thought leaders humanize your business.

Having your employees as thought leaders adds personality and human touch to your company that consumers can relate to and engage with. Because of this, your company will be set apart from others who don’t present that human element. You will not only be able to reach out to potential customers earlier in their decision-making process, but they will also remember you even after the sale is complete. Humanizing your brand can result in a positive outcome because it gives consumers a feeling of social connection with your business and can make them come back for another transaction.

2. Thought leaders add credibility to your brand.

Consumers trust thought leaders and look up to them as credible sources of important information and industry opinion. Having thought leaders on your team will help position your company as a leading authority in the industry. 

The original content they create is more impactful than traditional advertisements. According to Demand Metric, 70 percent of people would rather learn about a company through an article than an advertisement

Authentic content from the thought leaders in your company can help generate leads; build relationships and communities; and ultimately develop brand loyalty. Keep in mind that thought leadership content should not promote the individual or the company: It should add value for the readers. Your audience  must learn something valuable and exciting for them to want to share it with others.

3. Thought leaders increase employee engagement.

In a company where thought leadership is not encouraged or embraced, employees often feel that they are only there to do their job and they only offer solutions or try to make positive changes when they are told to do so by their higher-ups. However, by encouraging thought leadership, your employees feel empowered to come up with solutions and impact change proactively.

Developing your employees to become thought leaders gives them a sense of value from being trusted with more responsibility than their daily tasks. This helps in engaging employees and retaining top talent, as they see their thought leadership as a long-term investment in building their personal brand as well as the value of the company.

4. Thought leaders promote collaboration internally and externally.

By encouraging thought leadership, you are letting your employees will know that your organization welcomes new ideas and collaboration. With a greater sense of teamwork, your company can expect increased productivity and more innovative ideas. 

Having thought leaders also opens up doors to collaborate within their teams at the company as well as consumers to solve problems or come up with better solutions for the future. Your thought leader employees can initiate conversations with consumers to introduce new ways of thinking that can improve or reinvent industries that provide insight that helps your company get ahead.. 

Developing Thought Leadership in Your Company

The best way to promote thought leadership within your team is to create a conducive environment where anyone can come and freely share their ideas. Once you’ve identified key individuals who have the potential to become thought leaders, provide them with training and guidance. Give them strong content to work on, and make sure to work with them as they enter the world of thought leadership. Your support will mean everything to them and show that you truly do care about their personal development. After all, the human way is the winning way.

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