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Happy 1 ½ Year Anniversary! Highlights from the Past Six Months of the UNprofessional Podcast

It’s been a year and a half ✨? since we launched the first episode of the UNprofessional podcast.  With 60+ episodes to date and downloads in 44 states ? and over 30 countries ?, our UNprofessional community has come a long way. 

In celebration of our year and a half anniversary, we’re sharing some highlights from episodes that we’ve released in the past six months. 

Learn the truth about scaling and achieving sustainable growth in business with Dominic Monkhouse, a proven architect of business with an impressive track record. He’s scaled two U.K. technology companies (Rackspace and Peer 1 Hosting) from zero revenue to £30 million in five years. On top of that, he’s an author of a book that’s an exciting blueprint for cultural change and business transformation, and he hosts The Melting Pot Podcast. A CEO and executive team coach who helps ambitious CEOs and their leadership teams reach their full potential and achieve sustainable growth, you don’t want to miss what Dominic shares with our UNprofessional community. Listen to the full episode here.

Let’s talk about money with Allegra Moet Brantly. Allegra is a Founder and CEO of Factora Wealth, and the host of the Coffee and Coin Podcast. She’s on a mission to lead 1 million women to $1 million in net worth and setting out to accomplish this through her online course and community that educate and empower women to build real wealth together. Allegra is deeply passionate about helping women learn how to invest in financial freedom. If this sounds like something that sparks your interest, listen here.

What does it take to build a high seven-figure company with integrity and authenticity while putting the client first? Sean McDevitt, co-owner of DLDNation, an online fitness and nutrition company, shares how he and his wife, Dala, were able to do exactly that. Listen to the full episode here.

“I don’t get out of bed every morning to f*cking click all my Asana tasks.” If you’ve been feeling a sense of purposelessness in your work and resonate with that quote, you’re going to ABSOLUTELY love this episode. Janne Robinson is a 21st-century feminist beat poet and coach who shares slabs of her heart with the world for a living. One of the most impactful topics we discuss is the topic of “creative loafing” and why it’s necessary to create great work. Link to the episode with Janne here.

Learn to embrace your inner “sacred slut” after listening to this episode with Hannah Deindorfer, a sex and sensuality coach and the creator of the “Sacred Slut Program.” We talk about Hannah’s traumatic past, what led her to become a sex coach, and her work with somatics and sensuality. And the extra juicy part: she tells us the biggest mistakes she sees women making when it comes to their sex life and exploration. Don’t miss this episode! Listen here.

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Hilary Corna

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