Top 3 UNprofessional Podcast Episodes

This week, I’m sharing with you the top 3 most streamed episodes of the UNprofessional podcast— featuring innovative human leaders who are not afraid to break the mold to achieve their mission. 

I hope you’ll enjoy and learn as much as I did in interviewing these amazing human beings. 

  1. Creating an Award-Winning Startup Culture with Courtney Branson

“We all live with feelings every day and for a company to ignore that is cold. It doesn’t create loyalty or your ability to nurture and retain great talent.” – Courtney Branson

VP of People & Culture, Courtney Branson, has led Square Root to win nationwide notoriety for the company’s culture with awards from Fortune, Fast Company, and Great Place to Work. In this episode, Courtney shared how culture and feelings matter in the workplace. 

More gems from this episode:

  • Challenges and ways of designing intentional culture 
  • How to properly address challenging topics such as racial inequality as a company
  • How to articulate the ROI of intentionally designing culture and practicing empathy and awareness in the workplace

Get more good stuff from this episode. Listen here.

  1. Social Constructs are Dead: The Future of Personal Identity with Madison Butler

“When I am uncomfortable I can’t ask you to alter your identity because identities aren’t opinion. They’re solid. They’re concrete. They aren’t debatable. People’s validity isn’t related to your uncomfortableness.” – Madison Butler

Madison Butler is a VP of Talent, Consultant, Podcast Host, and Cofounder of the nonprofit, Rage2Rainbows. Her mission is to ensure that no one ever feels like corporate spaces were not made for them, and they can live, work, and exist out loud.

Some of the many gems you can get from this episode:

  • Importance of metrics in the company’s DEI efforts
  • The “Why” and “How” in providing psychological safety in the workplace 
  • How employees are being more open and honest about things that matter to them
  • Why it matters to be fully human at work

Learn more about Madison’s work and the importance of bringing the full version of you at work, listen here.

  1. Art, Medicine, & The Cosmos with Jacob Marshall 

“It requires this kind of humility of leadership to say we know there is a better way to do this but in order to perform the best possible way of doing this we need diverse voices at the table. We need people who practice different skills and discipline to come together… in the posture of humility and curiosity and openness to listen to the wisdom that is in these other languages and figure out how to authentically take your wisdom and combine it with that [the other’s] wisdom to come up with something new…” – Jacob Marshall

Jacob Marshall has presented or performed at the United Nations General Assembly 2017, Global Citizen Festival, Cannes Lions, multiple Forbes Under 30 Summits, multiple Future of Storytelling Summits & Festivals, New Museum’s NEWINC, Yale University, Nexus Global Youth Summit, and many more.

He is an interdisciplinary creator and connector whose focus is on immersive artistic experiences that help bring healing and renewal. On top of it all, he is the drummer of a band you may have heard of called Mae.

In this episode, Jacob talked about being a part of a unique team (of individuals coming from diverse disciplines) in building what is called recharge rooms for frontliners in NYC hospitals. These spaces are designed to transport frontliners to nature, instead of being in the chaos during the COVID surge. He also talked about:

  • Post-traumatic growth (PTG)
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Biophilic design

To know more of the amazing things Jacob does as a multidisciplinary artist, listen here

Thank you for coming on this journey with me as we build our community of UNprofessional leaders around the world. I’m so happy you’re here… and the best part is, we’re just getting started.

In love and respect,

Hilary Corna

Hilary Corna

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