How to Use Pinterest to Make a 2022 Vision Board

Let Law of Attraction work in your life with the help of a 2022 vision board. Even scientific findings agree that people who visualize a better future are more likely to make their goals a reality. Start manifesting your aspirations and get the most out of your life by creating a 2022 vision board.

Simply put, a vision board is a collection of images that represent what you want to happen in your life. There are many reasons you’d want to create a 2022 vision board. First of all, it helps you to really think about what you want to happen in the new year. It also helps you declutter your mind. It will make you focus on things that really matter to you.

It’s easy to lose sight of our dreams in our daily grind. Aside from practicing self-discipline, we need a reminder to make sure we’re on the right track and to keep us motivated in achieving our goals. A vision board does that. Thanks to Pinterest you can easily and quickly make a vision board! 

Here’s how you can create your 2022 Vision Board in Pinterest:

You would need a Pinterest account to start. You can easily create a Pinterest account for free

Step 1. Create a list of what you want to happen in 2022.

Take time to write down your goals and aspirations for 2022. When creating your 2022 vision board, it’s important that you believe in yourself. Its purpose is to help you overcome limiting beliefs and commit to your limitless potential. When coming up with a list of items to include in your Pinterest 2022 vision board, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do you want to be? Where do you want to be? What do you want to have? What do you want to experience? Be specific.
  • Who/what inspires you? (books, places, business owners, influential people, singers, etc.)

Step 2. Create Your Pinterest 2022 Vision Board.

  • Go to your account. 
  • Go to “Saved” and click on the plus sign and click “Board.”
  • Enter your board name (e.g. “2022 Goals”). Click “Create.” You can make your board private by flipping the “Secret” toggle.

Step 3. Add Images.

Now for the fun part, add all the images, pins, and photos that represent your 2022 Vision! You won’t have a hard time finding the right images that perfectly represent your goals. There are billions of photos available. 

You have the option to find and add images inside Pinterest. To do this, simply go to search and enter the keyword for the image you want. Click on the pin you want to add and select your 2022 vision board from the drop down list. Then click “Save” to add the image to your board.

Or you can find and add images outside of Pinterest. To easily add photos from other websites to your Pinterest vision board, add a Chrome plugin.

Other than photos you can include:

  • Quotes
  • Tips on how you can achieve your goals in 2022. 
  • And anything else that manifests your desires and triggers excitement and passion in achieving what you want out of life in 2022.

You can easily edit your board. Add or remove pins as you’d like. Don’t forget to have it bookmarked on your browser so you can easily see it.

Never underestimate the power of the Law of Attraction. A vision board will help you manifest your dreams and motivate you to do what it takes to turn those dreams into reality.

In love and respect,

Hilary Corna

Hilary Corna

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