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How to Find Peace in the New Year

You don’t need to look far to see messages of self-love and self-care these days. Even Christmas has been rebranded to fit the needs of

7 Meaningful Holiday Gift Ideas

Think about one gift you’ve received at some point in your life. Now, with that gift in mind, ask yourself what made you remember that

Why You Need to Humanize Your Business Now

HUMANIZE. It means giving something human characteristics. “What does it mean, exactly, to humanize a business?” I’ve been asked this question several times. It’s sometimes

A Call for Human Leadership

When I traveled and delivered keynotes, I thought I had to portray myself as older and less feminine in order to be more credible and

20 Key Stats That Prove CX Improves Revenue

Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, recommendations, positive reviews, and brand ambassadors – these are a few tremendous benefits that represent why you should invest in