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Why You Need to Humanize Your Business Now

HUMANIZE. It means giving something human characteristics. “What does it mean, exactly, to humanize a business?” I’ve been asked this question several times. It’s sometimes

A Call for Human Leadership

When I traveled and delivered keynotes, I thought I had to portray myself as older and less feminine in order to be more credible and

20 Key Stats That Prove CX Improves Revenue

Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, recommendations, positive reviews, and brand ambassadors – these are a few tremendous benefits that represent why you should invest in

How to Create a Caring Culture

The culture of caring is a happy practice that makes and retains happy employees and customers. [Know that how you treat your people and why

Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy makes a productive workplace where employees are honest, transparent and human. Empathy is critical personally and professionally because it allows us to connect, be

Why I Don’t Use NPS

A single number doesn’t translate to success nor can be used to indicate customer loyalty and experience. It’s exactly why I don’t use (and trust)