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respect in the workplace

How to Cultivate Respect in the Workplace

A positive work environment where people respect each other can significantly impact any organization’s productivity. As a leader, you can set the tone by managing

keyboard with emojis

Are Emojis UNprofessional?

A survey dated 4 years ago indicated that using emojis at work made people seem “less competent,” but most young professionals gave emojis a ?

Be You

Be Viral by Being Imperfect

Social media can do a lot for your brand. In 2020, there were over 3.6 billion social media users worldwide. There is no question that

8 Ways Business Has Changed In 2021

Recently, I was invited to keynote a professional fraternity’s graduation ceremony at Gonzaga University. Don’t worry, I didn’t mention the game.  The organization asked me

7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Life

We can’t always prevent bad things from happening, and no one is excused from the harsh realities of life. But that doesn’t mean enjoying life